The Center of Youth and Family Solutions Commemorates Birthmothers with Balloon Launch0


Started by a group of Seattle birth-mothers in 1990, the Saturday before Mother’s Day has been dedicated to honoring and remembering the motherhood experience of birth-mothers that placed their babies into adoption, known as Birth-mothers day. The day is placed at the weekend before Mother’s Day as a reminder that without the birth-mothers’ decision, adoptive mother’s motherhood would not have been possible.

Throughout history, birth-mothers are often the invisible members of the adoption process, told to “forget” or “move on;” many become a shadow in the lives of the adopted and the adoptive family they helped create. Most of the time, birth-mothers lie in the dark, with Mother’s Day reminding them of the loss of their child they placed in adoption; but as adoption processes continue to progress through time into the current day and age and towards more openness, birth-mothers are stepping out of the shadows and into a role that is and will remain uniquely their own

But in Illinois, The Center for Youth and Gamily Solutions is commemorating birth-mothers with a balloon launch.

“A balloon launch symbolized raising up the motherhood experience for birth-mothers. As a society, we need to help birth-mothers step out of the shadows and be acknowledged as first mothers to the children they placed for adoption.” 

– Mary Kary Collins, Assistant Director of Adoption at CYFS 


 To learn more about the balloon release, read: 

To learn more about Birth-mother’s Day, visit: 

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